Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd an enterprise speicalized in production and development micro-switch,toggle switch,limit switch,foot switch,solid state realay,mercury swithc,reed switch and so on a series of electronic products under brandname..

Mini Circuit Breaker

Micro Switch

●Adopt thermosetting plastic or thermoplastic;
●Small contact gap,snap action,high sensitivity and small operating travel;
●Variety of levers;
●Widely used in appliance,electronic equipment,automatic machine...

Limit Switch

● Adopt outer shell with intensive plastic and sealed construction,better mechanical stength and weater-proof and oil-proof;
● Side fixed form and swift contact;
● Variety of levers;
● Widely used in Mechanical equipment...

Solid State Relay

·Bolt Installation-Horizontal Type    Adjusting Resistance type Single-phase SSVR
·Traic phase shift output
·Potentionmeter adjustment output Power
·LED Status Indicator

Toggle Switch

●Adopt thermoplastic crust,compact construction,and Simple installation;
●May install the protecting cap,can against oil and dustproof;
●Hand reset and automatic reset for flexible choice;

Foot Switch

● Kinds of shell’s material for choice,such as engineering plastic,steel panel,aluminium alloy,etc;
● Metal shell use the stregenthening to reast the surfase,bears the impact,the wearability,thermostable;

Proximity Switch

●Easy to set up and adjust distance.
●Short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection.
●Cable and connector connection optional.
●Stainless steel housing, strong and durable. Plastic housing,


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